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Rui Barbosa

Born (1849-11-05)November 5, 1849

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Died March 1, 1923(1923-03-01) (aged 73)

Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Occupation Writer, jurist, politician, diplomat

Rui Barbosa de Oliveira (November 5, 1849 – March 1, 1923) was a Brazilian writer, jurist, and politician.

Born in Salvador da Bahia, he was a federal representative, senator, Minister of Finance and diplomat. For his distinguished participation in the 2nd Hague Conference, he earned the nickname "Eagle of the Hague". He ran unsuccessfully for the Presidency of Brazil in 1910 and again in 1919.

Rui Barbosa gave his first public speech for the abolition of slavery when he was 19. For the rest of his life he remained an uncompromising defender of civil liberties. Slavery in Brazil was finally abolished by the Lei Áurea ("Golden Law") in 1888. Part of Barbosa's legacy to history is that he authorised, as minister of finance on December 14, 1890, the destruction of most government records relating to slavery.[1] The avowed reason for this destruction, which took several years to be enacted and was followed by his successors, was to erase the "stain" of slavery on Brazilian history.[2] However, historians today agree, that Barbosa aimed to impede any possible indemnization of the former slave-owners for this liberation.[2] Indeed, eleven days after the abolition of slavery, a law project was deposed at the Chamber, proposing some indemnization to the slave owners.[2]

Barbosa's liberal ideas were influential in drafting of the first republican constitution. He was a supporter of fiat money, as opposed to a gold standard, in Brazil. During his term as finance secretary, he implemented far-reaching reforms of Brazil's financial regime, instituting a vigorously expansionist monetary policy. The result was chaos and instability: the so-called fiat experiment resulted in the bubble of encilhamento, a dismal politic-economic failure. Due to his controversial role during it, in the following administration of Floriano Peixoto, he was forced into exile until Floriano's term ended. Years later, after his return he was elected as a Senator. He headed the Brazilian delegation to the 2nd Hague Conference and was brilliant in its deliberations. As candidate of the Civilian Party in the presidential elections of 1910, Barbosa waged one of the most memorable campaigns in Brazilian politics. He was not successful and lost to Marshal Hermes da Fonseca.

During the World War I, he played a key role among those who advocated the Allied cause, arguing that Brazil should be more involved in the war.

Barbosa died in Petrópolis, near Rio de Janeiro in 1923.

[edit] Notes1.^ "Population, Citizenship and Human Rights in Brazil: Elements for a System of Indicators", Conference (paper), International Union for the Scientific Study of Population (IUSSP), 2005, http://iussp2005.princeton.edu/download.aspx?submissionId=51868, retrieved March 2007 .

2.^ a b c van Deursen, Felipe (in Portuguese), Escravos: povo marcado, Aventuras na História, BR: Abril, http://historia.abril.com.br/cultura/escravos-povo-marcado-491017.shtml .

[edit] Further readingTurner, CW (2005) [1945], Ruy Barbosa: Brazilian crusader for the essential freedoms, New York: Kessinger Publishing, ISBN 1‐419‐10424‐1 , originally Abingdon-Cokesbury Press.

[edit] External links Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Rui Barbosa

Mendes Silva, Professor Raul, "Haia: Rui Barbosa e a delegação brasileira à segunda conferência de paz [The Hague: Rui Barbosa and the Brazilian Delegation to the Second Peace Conference]" (in Brazilian Portuguese), Missões de Paz [Peace Missions], Brazil: Ministério das Relações Exteriores, http://www2.mre.gov.br/missoes_paz/ing/capitulo5.html .

Fundação Casa de Rui Barbosa [Rui Barbosa House Foundation], BR: Brazilian government, http://www.casaruibarbosa.gov.br/ .

Preceded by

Evaristo da Veiga (patron)

Brazilian Academy of Letters — Occupant of the 10th chair

1897–1919 Succeeded by

Laudelino Freire

Preceded by

Joaquim Maria Machado de Assis President of the Brazilian Academy of Letters

1908–19 Succeeded by

Domício da Gama


Name Barbosa, Rui

Alternative names

Short description

Date of birth November 5, 1849

Place of birth Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Date of death March 1, 1923

Place of death Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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